How FPL SolarTogether works


As an FPL SolarTogether program participant, you customize your subscription.

  • Determine the amount of energy you wish to come from solar - up to a 100% of your energy usage.
  • Choose a monthly subscription cost. Your subscription cost will remain the same for as long as you are in the program.
  • Receive your share of the solar-electricity generated in the form of solar credits on your monthly FPL bill.
  • Your monthly solar credits will increase the longer you are in the program, lowering your monthly FPL bill over time.
  • The amount of solar credit you receive each month will be dependent on your subscription level, length of time in the program and the amount of electricity generated by the solar power plant that month.
  • We estimate that you will earn back your initial subscription cost in credits between years 3-5 and will achieve simple payback between years 5–7.


Use the bill widget tool below to get an estimate of program costs and annual equivalents.

See how affordable and accessible participating in the benefits solar can be with FPL SolarTogether.